Relink attended the autumn AsiaWorld Expo Hongkong Fair in Qctober 2023

Last month, our team had the pleasure of attending the Asia International Exhibition in Hong Kong, one of the most prestigious trade shows in the region. As technology enthusiasts, we are particularly excited to present our latest innovation - a power bank rental station equipped with NFC POS functionality.(Actually,this device launched in last year,but the NFC POS function are still new in the sharing economy market.

Relink team in HK fair

In today's fast-paced world, where our devices are constantly in need of enhanced power, the concept of shared power bank stations is becoming more and more popular. These charging stations provide users with a convenient solution to charge their smartphones and tablets on the go without having to carry their own power bank with them. By adding NFC POS functionality, Relink’s rental charging station become an indispensable multi-functional tool for businesses and users.

The advantages of NFC POS charging station is due to it’s very convenient for user to rent .The technology allows users to pay simply by tapping their credit card or NFC-enabled device to the station. This eliminates the hassle of cash transactions, credit cards and even downloading payment apps. It streamlines the entire process and provides a seamless experience to users!

NFC power bank station

At the Hong Kong Asia International Expo, we demonstrated a shared power bank station with NFC POS function to hundreds of exhibitors. The response has been overwhelming, with many individuals and businesses expressing strong interest in adopting this technology. Visitors love the convenience it offers, especially in bustling city centers, airports, shopping malls and other public spaces where fast and reliable charging solutions are needed.

For businesses, POS power bank station offer an exciting opportunity for an additional revenue stream. By renting out power banks and providing a seamless payment experience, businesses can attract more customers and increase overall profitability. It also enables them to enhance their brand image by providing modern and innovative solutions that meet customer need .

relink team

During the show we had the opportunity to network with a number of retail chains, airports and event organizers who were keen to integrate our power bank rental stations into their premises. They recognized the potential of these stations to attract traffic and increase customer satisfaction. By partnering with us, they saw an opportunity to offer a unique and convenient service that would set them apart from their competitors.

The market for power bank rental stations is relatively new but growing rapidly. As more people embrace the convenience of mobile charging, the demand for these charging stations will only continue to grow. With the added benefit of NFC POS functionality, these charging stations will revolutionize the way we charge our devices and pay for them.

As a company, our focus is on delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers' ever-changing needs. Our success at the Hong Kong Asia International Expo has strengthened our determination to further strengthen and improve our power bank rental stations. We are excited about the potential of this technology and the opportunities it brings to individuals and businesses.

All in all, our participation in the Asia International Exhibition in Hong Kong was a huge success. The positive reception our NFC POS power bank station has received reaffirms our confidence in its potential. We believe this technology will soon become ubiquitous in public spaces, revolutionizing the way we charge and pay for our devices. As we continue to innovate and improve our products, we look forward to a bright future for the power bank rental station industry.

Post time: Nov-29-2023