The Future of Mobile Charging: Relink – Rental Power Bank Station Manufacturer

 With the rise of the sharing economy, shared power banks, as an innovative charging solution, have quickly become popular around the world. In this digital age, people are increasingly dependent on mobile devices, and charging has become a common problem. The emergence of shared power banks has filled this gap and provided users with convenient and reliable charging services.

Relink rental power bank station

To ensure the long-term success of this business, a stable and reliable high-quality manufacturer is extremely important .Shenzhen Relink Communication Technology Co., Ltd is the original manufacturer of mobile rental power bank station products, committed to providing users with convenient, reliable and sustainable mobile charging solutions.

Why Choose Relink ?

I-Have Rich experience R&D team

Relink is the R&D technology company ,100% in-house R&D team, the core members are from Huawei. Including ID, structure, hardware, software, APP, background software, testing and other engineers, can provide customers with customized requirements for hardware and APP/backend.Provided a full set of product customization design, research and development, mold opening and production for Meituan, Lyte and other customers.Engineers can communicate in English.

We focus on innovation means they are constantly working to improve and adapt our products to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Our sharing power banks are equipped with the latest fast charging technology, ensuring users can power their devices quickly and easily. We are the First global provider of fast-charging shared power banks and POS payment stations.


II- Have strict factory production quality control system

1.Strict control for the raw material including batteries, , chips and etc.

2. Our company has 7 quality personnel responsible for IQC, DQE, SQE, PQC, FAQC, etc.

3. Slot test life more than 10000 times, Faulty rate less than 1%

mobile charging stationm manufacturer

China power bank rental station factory

III-Customers good feedback

  7 years export experience for shared power bank, serve more than 200 clients till the end of 2023,  90% of our customers business are growth.we have delivered over 600,000 pcs of power bank sharing stations to help hundreds of customers to build up their power bank sharing business all over the world.

 In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Relink’s rental charging stations also bring great convenience to users. These charging stations can be found in various locations such as airports, shopping malls and event venues, allowing users to easily access power banks when they need to recharge their devices. The process is simple: users can rent a power bank from a charging station, use it to charge their devices on the go, and then return it to any cell phone charging station when they’re done using it.

 Relink’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in technology has made Relink the first choice for those who need reliable mobile charging solutions.

Our vision is to provide customers with stable, reliable turn-key shared power bank solutions. If you want to start a shared power bank rental business, please feel free to contact with us for more details.


Post time: Dec-08-2023