What can shared power bank bring you

2022 will be the era of 5G commercial promotion. For users, the 5G rate can reach 100Mbps to 1Gbps, far exceeding the current 4G network. Coupled with the application of AR technology, users will have a high demand for mobile phone batteries. The outdoor demand for mobile phone recharge is greater, the demand for mobile phone charging is further enhanced, and there will be new demand for shared power banks.

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The emergence of shared phone charging station not only provides rental service for users, but also bring wealth opportunity to merchants like restaurants, bars, shopping malls etc. So what can shared power banks bring to businesses?

1. Profit sharing

The operators share the profit with the merchants, each time the user rents power bank, the merchant has some profit. In order to charge the mobile phone, the user will also increase the staying time in the store and promote secondary consumption.

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2. Advertising Revenue

Taking Relink charging stations as an example, the products have advertising functions with built-in remote advertisement publish system. You can control it in the background platform and change advertising content any time. For the size of screen, it can be 7inch, 8 inch, 14.5inch, 43inch or other customized option. It got huge advertising value.

3. Increase Store Traffic

People easily feel anxious when their mobile phones are out of power when eating, shopping, or entertaining. So more users are willing to choose those stores with power bank rental service, which is great opportunity to improve user experience, increase staying time and consumption income.

Placing a shared power bank station at the merchant, and the merchant not only can get an extra income, but also can attract more users and improve their experience with zero investment. Why not do it?

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Post time: Sep-30-2022