What should I do if merchants are unwilling to place shared charging stations in their shop?

With the launch of shared charging stations in the streets and alleys, more and more merchants and users have a huge change in their understanding of shared economy. They all know that shared phone charging service can bring convenience and benefits.


Therefore, now is also a good time to start a business or choose a shared power bank for a side business, but what should you do if encounter merchants who are unwilling to cooperate during the launch process? Tell the merchants the following benefits, I believe it will be able to persuade them to settle in successfully.

Benefit 1: Cost savings.

In some shops like restaurants, cafes, users stay for a long time and have high charging demand. Before sharing charging service, merchants need to prepare a large number of charging cables, which are often lost and worry about power consumption and security.

Now with the shared power bank, these costs can be saved, and users can directly scan the code to rent the power bank.


Benefit 2: Improve efficiency.

If many stores provide phone charging for users, they need manual services and management of charging equipment. With shared power bank stations, it can liberate personnel services in this area and improve the efficiency of personnel work with high efficiency.

Benefit 3: Promotion.

The power bank cabinet with video function can play videos like the store’s special products or  promotional activities advertisements on the LED screen, so as to attract passing users, and achieve the effect of promotion and publicity.


Benefit 4: Self-service.

Pus one shared charging station in a conspicuous place of the store, no need any clerk to take care of it, users scan the code to rent, the process is simple and convenient.


Benefit 5: Revenue sharing.

Set the charging mode in the background, users can pay by hour, or by any amount of time, the equipment continues to earn monthly income, and arrives on time every day, which not only bring convenience to users, but also increases the profit of the store.

When the laying is blocked, introduce these benefits to the merchants, and I believe it will be successful.

Post time: Jan-10-2023