What you need to start a share power bank business

With growing of globalization and urbanization, the share economy will be grow to $336 billion by 2025.  shared power bank market is growing according.

When your phone is out of power, without a charger, or inconvenient to charge.

Through the shared power bank business, the station provides users with a power bank, charge & go, and the user can return the power bank in any other station after renting.

How it work: A station has multiple power bank, and there is a mobile APP can check all nearby station. Through the app, users can locate the nearest station and see how many power banks are available to rent, as well as the rent fee. When the user rents the power bank, the user only needs to scan the QR code on the station, the app sends a request to the station, and the power bank will be pull out. When user want to return power bank, they can find the nearest station to return power bank on app.

Good location to install power bank station like restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, amusement parks, festivals, conference venues, or anywhere people may run out of battery.

Unlike other sharing economy startups such as car sharing and scooter sharing, power bank sharing can be a great business opportunity that does not require a lot of investment.


Two elements to start a shared power bank business:

1. Choose reliable station and power bank: Choose a stable and reliable station and power bank , with different slot to suit for different places. Which can help you only focus on marketing.

2. Software. A critical part of the system as this is the connection between the station and the app.

Mobile application. It is convenient for users to find the near station, rent the power bank, pay and return the whole process. This is how your users interact with your service, and great functionality and user experience are critical to your success.

Backend. The backend part of the software that ties all the parts of the system together. Allows you to manage day-to-day operations, stations, maintenance and customer support, and view statistics about your rentals and app usage.

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Post time: Sep-30-2022