Why is the Big Size Shared Power bank Rental Station Beneficial for Big Events

The World Cup is the most important event in soccer. Every four years the worlds best players come together to compete in the World Cup. Fans from all over the world come to watch their teams play. At 00:00 on November 21, Beijing time, the 2022 World Cup kicked off in Qatar.



Nowadays the majority of people don’t leave their house without taking their mobile phone, and before leaving, in addition to check if we bring the keys and wallet, we have also acquired the habit of checking how much battery is left in our phone.

When people go to an event they want to use their mobile devices to take photos, record videos, either to save it as a memory, or to share it on social networks. However if they arrive at the event and they have a little battery, they will be limited to the use of their devices and this can cause different and negative consequences such as:

1.The attendees feel a little stressed because they do not have a battery and they do not fully enjoy the event.

2.Some people may leave the event sooner than expected for fear of being totally cut off.

3.Not being able to disseminate the event through social networks.


Why do you need a charging station at the event?

By having a charging station for events, the guests will feel calmer and they will not have to worry about being without a battery for the entire duration of the event.

In addition, those who attend the event can share the experience with complete peace of mind through their social networks, that means a greater dissemination for the event. 

Relink 24/48 slots stations are good choices for such events, apart from the profit of the power banks rental, the big size LCD screen is also good for advertising;

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Make the event a modern, innovative and technological experience for your guests with all the advantages offered by our charging solutions.

Post time: Nov-25-2022