Charge Your Phone at Speed

With more and more people making mobile connections, many countries are spearheading 5G roll-out on the continent enabling immense capacity, high speed, and low latency to enable mobile users to enhance their experiences of work and play.

We’re way past the point of no return – we can’t live our modern lives without our smartphones. It’s no longer just about how we stay connected, keep safe, and record special moments. It is now an integral part of the way we work, shop, manage our finances and enjoy entertainment. Across the world, there’s increasing investment in the evolution of mobile devices and apps with a specific focus on how they change our lives.

While developing the mobile phones ‘bells and whistles’ is arguably more exciting and easily captures attention, battery power is finally getting its chance to own the limelight in 2023. The success of the rapidly changing capabilities of mobile devices is wholly dependent on the power that is needed to deliver on these capabilities, and we are seeing innovations emerging from mobile and battery manufacturers. 

However, people need devices that charge at speed, no matter where they are. This has become particularly important with the hybrid work model. 



Our new model, PB-FC02, is the first fast charging power bank in the world.

It can charge the iPhone 13 to 50% in 30 minutes.

There are 3 reliable cables, we use TPE material, soft and durable;

The capacity is 5500mAh, we use high quality EVE battery,

(EVE is Mercedes-Benz, BMW EV car and Huawei Energy supplier);

The battery is very safe and has a longer life even when working in high current mode.

Our power bank also supports battery health monitoring in real time, it will be very convenient for you to know temperature, discharge and charge time, power bank healthy situation.
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Post time: Feb-24-2023