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A low battery has become a nightmare along with a weak Wi-Fi signal and a “No internet connection” notification. The centrality of the mobile phone in our lives, and the consequent fear of being disconnected, have given the impetus to the creation of the startup that aims at the promising power bank sharing market .


An idea, in effect, born of the current times in which the sharing economy is becoming pervasive and tends to involve every aspect of our daily life.  

In the modern world, where people value ownership less than they used to, the sharing economy is becoming stronger each year. People share their houses, clothes, cars, scooters, furniture, and much more.

According to PwC, the sharing economy is projected to grow to $335 billion by 2025, with globalization and urbanization being the most important drivers of this growth. They’re also the biggest drivers of the popularity and growth of the power bank sharing market.

According to Chinese research company iResearch, in 2018, the power bank rental industry grew by 140%. In 2020, growth slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the industry is still expected to grow by 50% to 80% in the coming years.

Speaking of Covid-19, what has changed or will change in your sector?

Surely Covid-19 has had a very severe impact on the growth of our service. Just think of the closures of shops, the stopping of the organization of any type of event, the inability to go out and therefore the need to recharge the mobile phone during a day away from home.

But now the recovery of all commercial activities, events and tourism is clear, the announcement of completely canceling the covid-19 entry restrictions for 124 countries meaning that tourism is going to be soaring all the way, and people’s connection demands are relevantly going up.

We surly believe our solution facilitates and accompanies every country’s infrastructural growth!

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Post time: Dec-09-2022