Why the bartender is MVP during operating?

Bartenders are the face and gatekeepers of the bar. Successfully placing a powerbank station in their venues requires them to be on board with the service. They are the first point of contact with the user and ambassador for your partner. Let’s look at this statement from two perspectives: your user and your Partner to show why they’re the real MVP.

9The user

You’re out and about in town; enjoying the night with your friends, snapping photos, checking the next bar for your crawl, and now your battery is low, if not dying. You need a charger and go to the bar to ask for a charger. The bartender refers you to their powerbank station. Awesome, now you can charge your phone on the go and continue with your night.


Your partner

Bars are popular venues for powerbank stations, but it can be tricky to get in. That’s why you should strike up a conversation with a bartender. Ask about their charging policy and how often they’re asked if someone can charge their phone. We’re 99.99% sure that it’s one of their most frequently asked questions and an (unnecessary) annoyance. The staff doesn’t want to be responsible for phones and guests don’t want to continue their nights with an empty phone. What could make everyone’s life better? That’s right, a powerbank station!

Bartenders know what their customers want and what will work in their bar and what won’t. They’ll be able to tell you if a powerbank sharing station could be a good fit for their clientele and if it’s something that customers will use. If they’re on board with the idea – it can make all the difference.


Onboard the staff

The second part would be the onboarding process of the bartenders and other venue staff. Think of them as the host of your powerbank sharing service. To have a successful station placement, it’s important to give them some basic troubleshooting instructions, make them feel confident in using the service themselves, and make sure they’re comfortable with the contact with their local representative. It’s normal to give venue staff free rentals for them to experience and get to know the service. Happy venue staff = happy ambassadors for your network!


Word-of-mouth is your friend

Besides the bartenders being great ambassadors, they can help spread the word about the powerbank sharing service. Word-of-mouth marketing is incredibly effective for attracting new users and potential placements. It stimulates brand awareness and is a trustworthy way of (free!) marketing. Do keep in mind that this is dependent on a successful onboarding process. If the staff is not onboarded correctly and doesn’t understand the service – it could potentially work against you.

We’ll say it again – onboarding is key to your success! 

We can’t stress this enough without sounding like a broken record: onboarding is key to your success! Informed staff will work in your favor by helping your service succeed. They’re a great way to spread the word about the new powerbank sharing service in town!

Post time: Mar-20-2023